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Kitchen & Hospitality Cleaning Staff Leeds

MINT – A Trustworthy, Friendly Staffing Agency Providing Hospitality Cleaning Staff In Leeds

The world of hospitality is vast and functions as an all-encompassing term to cover hotels, events, festivals, bars, restaurants, hotels and more. Of course, all of these industries need an accomplished cleaning service to ensure that they remain presentable for customers. So what would be the best way to go about it?

MINT has been delivering well-trained, professional staff to many hospitality companies in Leeds for over 13 years in various capacities. For some clients, we run their entire cleaning department, whereas for others, we merely offer additional staff for their workforce due to shortage of staff or illness.

Many of our long-term clients prefer to use an agency as a result of the savings they can make on staffing. Whereas directly employed hospitality cleaning staff in Leeds will work throughout the year, with an agency such as MINT, you can simply reduce the number of staff allocated to your business without penalty if activity levels fall in quiet seasons. This flexibility has helped us work with such fantastic brands as JW Lees, Q Hotels, Pontins and Blackpool Pleasure Beach amongst others.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning & Back Of House Cleaning In Leeds

The world of hospitality can often be extremely hectic, especially during service times. And that’s why you need cleaners you can trust to keep all back of house clean and free from mess.

We can provide hospitality cleaning staff in Leeds for a range of positions including kitchen porters, housekeeping, and room service attendees – all of whom will not only be fully trained on any task they will be given, but will also turn up with all protective equipment needed to do their job.

Front Of House Hospitality Cleaning Staff In Leeds

While you can often get away with a little bit of disarray behind the scenes, away from the prying eyes of the public, it’s not so easy to get away with mess and dirt in the front of house areas of establishments such as hotels and restaurants.

Luckily, MINT has attracted the best hospitality cleaning staff in Leeds thanks to our excellent wage rates, and our dedication to providing an in-house 5-star training program that helps us to deliver the best.

We vet all of our potential for both their abilities and their personalities, ensuring that wherever they go, they are able to perform to the required standard for the duration of their shift, as well as be friendly and affable with member of a client’s existing workforce.

And don’t forget, when we run a cleaning department for a business, we also take care of all training, administration and payroll related responsibilities, allowing you focus on more important affairs.


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  • We run an incredibly busy kitchen and need deep cleaning to keep our kitchens in top notch hygiene. Mint know what to use on what surfaces, really get deep into the grime and keep our kitchen in five star condition.

    James Gartner

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