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Office Cleaning Liverpool

Cleaning StaffMINT – Liverpool Office Cleaning By An Established, Trusted Staffing Agency

It is perhaps unsurprising that in every city across the country, a large amount of commercial spaces are devoted to offices. With so many companies offering financial, personal and legal services, offices are needed to house staff and act as a base of operations. Of course, as many office managers are aware – the busier an office gets, the harder it is to keep clean.

In recent years, a rising number of office-based companies have contacted agencies such as MINT to enquire about the provision of staff for office cleaning in Liverpool – and it’s easy to see why.

MINT can take care of the hiring, training, administration and payroll associated with your cleaning department, allowing your company to focus on more important things. Another benefit of using a staffing agency for office cleaners in Liverpool is that we can increase or decrease the allocation of staff depending on how busy or quiet your office has been – saving you money at every opportunity.

MINT – Providing Professional, Trustworthy Office Cleaners In Liverpool

As a family-run company, our reputation matters to us. That’s why we enjoy building long-lasting relationship with clients who value our contributions.

We attract the best office cleaning staff in Liverpool by offering excellent wages and all applicants are vetted for both their skill level, as well as their personality and friendliness before they are hired. Before we allow our cleaners to represent us with a client, however, they must attend our mandatory 5-star in-house training program which helps prove to us that they will be able to meet our expectations.

Before attending to client’s office, we ensure that our staff have all the relevant training for the tasks in hand, including the handling of potentially dangerous chemicals. We also provide our staff with all necessary safety equipment and clothing to keep them safe.

And don’t forget, as a 24-hour staffing agency, we are available to offer support night and day – so if you ever need to have a office deep clean carried out overnight, we’ll always be able to help.


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  • We partnered with Mint to offer their cleaning services across our offices in Liverpool. their staff are efficient and effective. The feedback has been very positive. We would recommend them.

    Rash Hassen

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