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Warehouse Cleaning Staff Liverpool

Cleaning StaffMINT – An Agency Providing Professional Warehouse Cleaners In Liverpool

Thanks to the growth of online businesses over the past twenty years, the majority of retail purchases are bought from companies that operate out of warehouses. Of course, busy warehouses can be very difficult to keep clean – especially on a skeleton staff – so why not consider using a staffing agency to take care of your warehouse cleaning in Liverpool?

While there is the option of managing the cleaning of the warehouse yourself, depending on how busy your company is throughout the year, you can end up overpaying staff costs during quiet periods. By using a staffing agency such as MINT, the number of cleaners you hire can be increased or decreased throughout the year based on activity levels.

Another benefit of using an agency is that every member will arrive fully trained and ready to work with all necessary safety equipment, and all administration and payroll will be taken care of by ourselves.

MINT – The Best Warehouse Cleaners In Liverpool

All staff have been vetted by our consultancy team prior to being hired, to make sure that they not only have the required skill level, but also to make sure that they are friendly, amicable people who will be able to work as part of an independent team, or simply as an addition to your existing team. Furthermore, before we let any staff member represent us with a client, we ensure that they have completed our in-house 5-star training program to make sure that they are able to meet and exceed our client’s expectation while they represent us.

At MINT, we’re aware that for some warehouse businesses, work can often go on throughout the night as well as the day and that’s why we’re always available 24/7 to support you should you need us. And don’t forget, we not only take care of the daily cleaning of warehouses in Liverpool, we can also organise teams for deep cleans whenever the opportunity arises.


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  • We used Mint People to provide Covid-19 cleaning for our warehouse. I found them courteous to deal with and the cleaning staffs was very professional and prompt. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Mick James

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