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Festival StaffProviding Festival Staff Across The Liverpool Area

It’s hard to find someone in the UK who hasn’t been to at least a few festivals. From flower shows and film viewings, festivals are a great way to get out of the house and do something a little different. What many of the visitors are unaware of, however, is the amount of preparation and manpower required to put on such an event – and this extends to staffing.

The greatest issue with festival staffing is being able to vet every single applicant for their dedication and abilities – so why not let a staffing agency take care of that for you?

For years, MINT has been providing festival staff in and around the Liverpool area, helping organisers to keep their events running smoothly.

At MINT, We’ve Got Festivals Covered in Liverpool

Those who have been involved in the organisation of festivals before will be more than aware of how difficult it can be to run the event. With so many facets to keep in mind at any one time, many large festivals will delegate different aspects to staffing agencies in Liverpool such as MINT. This is because when something unexpected happens, such as when a member of staff falls ill, or a private matter forces a worker to withdraw at short notice, it’s much easier having an agency available to take care of everything.

When it comes to festival staff in Liverpool, there are a huge range of jobs that need to be allocated. These can include ticket inspectors at the entrance; car park organisers; queue management or simply food and event bar staff. When you hire MINT to provide staff for your festival, we can easily provide a floor manager who will take care of all worker-related issues, freeing you up to concentrate on the more important aspects of your event.

Even better, we also take care of all administrative tasks such as payroll, logistics and training. The reason so many organisers come to us is thanks to our practice of heavily vetting any potential applicant to make sure that they are capable of working to the standard that we expect. Every applicant must also attend our compulsory 5-star training program before they are given their first shift so that we are happy having them represent us with a client.

Last summer, MINT provided over 1,000 staff across the UK at a variety of festivals for organisers who were happy for us to provide administration, staff management and payroll in order to reduce their personal workload, and have always received glowing testimonials. So, if you’re involved in the organisation of festivals and need dependable, friendly staff to help the event go like clockwork, contact MINT today.

Why Choose MINT?

When it comes to festivals in Liverpool, there’s a reason people come to us for staff:

  • When clients call upon us, we only provide workers who are fully trained and ready to work, while also offering a great personality and excellent work ethic.
  • We are available 24 hours a day to take your call and provide you with the staffing solutions you need.
  • Our extensive experience means that we are always prepared to take on a festival, no matter the size or complexity.
  • The floor managers that we provide all have many years of experience in hospitality and event management, so you can rest assured that your festival is in safe hands.

Get in touch on 0151 203 6104 or info@mint-staff.co.uk


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  • MINT Staffing have been an outstanding port of call to SFC Event Bars over the course of our 2016 season. They have consistently provided us with large volumes of staff, quite often at short notice and helped us out in times of need. Their assistance onsite at events has been of great benefit and their reaction to issues have been dealt with to a high standard. SFC Event Bars have enjoyed working with MINT and look forward to a prosperous relationship in the future.

    Jack Coles | Staffing Operations Manager | SFC Event Bars

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