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Hospitality Staffing in Liverpool

bar staffIn Need Of Dependable Hospitality Staff In Liverpool? We’ve got you covered.

Hospitality is an industry that doesn’t just require workers to turn up, it’s an industry that requires staff to work in stressful situations for long hours whilst being able to keep a smile on your face for your customers. It’s not an industry for everyone, but those who have worked in hospitality tend to have great memories about the camaraderie and fun they had working with other employees.

Our consultants have all had a history of working in the hospitality sector themselves, and are therefore more than aware of the importance of working alongside dependable well trained individuals who make life easier during the provision of high quality service.

Hiring and training new staff can often put a lot of pressure on hospitality businesses in terms of expense and the risk of mistakes occurring. So, wouldn’t it be better to welcome hospitality staff in Liverpool who have been vetted and pre-trained by an experienced staffing agency?

Trained, Vetted Hospitality Staffing Agency In Liverpool

When we hire an individual, we not only vet them for their enthusiasm, openness and abilities before providing them with a 5-star in-house training program to guarantee that they are able to work to the standard required.

As a hospitality agency in Liverpool, we can provide team members to uphold your customer service in the following roles, amongst others:

Bar Staff – Our bar staff all possess a fantastic knowledge of the drinks that they will be asked to prepare, from spritzers and aperitifs to whiskeys and brandies. Our helpful and friendly bar staff will also be able to make recommendations to guests if they are unsure what to get.

Waiters – Our male and female waiters are dedicated to ensuring that the service they provide – whether ferrying drinks or serving meals – helps to deliver an experience for guests to remember. They are professional yet friendly, and will always go above and beyond to make sure their guests want for nothing.

Cocktail Staff – We also have numerous cocktail bar staff available on our books for those occasions where customers can enjoy a little entertainment with their service. Cocktail training is not a very common attribute for most bar staff in Liverpool, so we are proud to be able to offer this to our clients.

Floor Manager – Our floor managers all have years of experience behind them, and are well accustomed to the tasks of organising staff, dealing with customer queries and making sure that during service times, all staff are on the ball.

Every member of MINT is capable of working either alone or as a complement to your existing workforce in either a part-time, or full-time capacity depending on your needs – and don’t forget, we also take care of payroll, logistics and administration, so you don’t have to.

Why Choose MINT for your hospitality staff in Liverpool?

  • We’re on hand to take your call 24 hours a day because we know that the wheels of the hospitality industry never stop turning.
  • We know that hospitality is a difficult industry, and that is why we pay our staff more than our competitors. This means we get the best in the area who are well compensated for their time and effort.
  • We only provide our clients with workers who we trust to uphold our reputation thanks to their ability, work ethic and personality.

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  • MINT supplied staff for our Christmas parties held in Event City, Manchester throughout November and December 2016. We required front of house managers, kitchen managers, set up staff, bar staff, waiting staff, kitchen assistants and back of house staff. Our requirements were extensive, with the need for up to 130 members of staff per night. MINT never failed to deliver, providing well trained and reliable members of staff. After the success of the Christmas season we are looking forward to collaborating throughout the year for our corporate events, conferences, dinners and festivals. Thanks again to all the team at MINT for your support!

    Eve Bradford | Sales & Event Manager | Best Parties Ever

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