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Catering, Bar & Waiting Staff Liverpool

bar staffIn Need Of Reliable, Professional Catering Staff In Liverpool?

The world of catering can be hard work, but ultimately very rewarding. Most of those who have worked in the industry hold fond memories of the people they met and times they had, and that’s what keeps people going when the times are tough. Luckily, even when service is extremely busy, as long as you have fun, reliable staff supporting you, things can still run like clockwork.

Here at MINT, we’re committed to providing our clients with staff they can trust on either a part-time or full-time basis, or simply just to cover absenteeism.

Bar Staff In Liverpool

When a group meet in a restaurant, or indeed any other food establishment, it’s more than probable that they’ll want to enjoy a drink or two prior to their meal so that they can socialise. This means that their first destination upon arrival is likely to be the bar.

Having bar staff in Liverpool who can who provide knowledgeable, efficient service with a smile is a great way to get your guests in a positive mood before they are seated. At MINT, all of our bar staff are vetted to ensure they are capable of delivering the level of service our clients expect.

Catering Waiting Staff In Liverpool

Being a great waiter is all about anticipating the needs of the guests at the tables you are responsible for – and this requires experience. While many people have worked as waiters, we prefer to deal with career waiters who are at the top of their game. We pay our staff more than our competitors and so we always manage to pick the cream of the crop, so when our clients need waiting staff in Liverpool, they can rest assured that their getting the best in the area.

Catering Chef Staffing In Liverpool

Professional kitchens can be an exceptionally fun place to work – but during service they can also be more than a little hectic. While the cliché of chefs losing their temper isn’t exactly a myth, we select our chefs based on their ability to work calmly under pressure, supporting your existing workforce whenever necessary and exhibiting a friendly personality wherever they work.

We can provide chef staffing in Liverpool at all levels, from sous chefs to executive chefs so we’re always ready to help out. Of course, if needed, we can also supply an entire kitchen squad including porters to help service go off without a hitch.

Sommeliers In Liverpool

Those who know really enjoy learning about wine will be more than aware of the training required to become a sommelier. Being able to describe the subtle tones and taste of the different wines on the menu is a fantastic way to take your guests’ experience to the next level.

A great sommelier is capable of recommending the perfect wines to accompany a meal, as well as suggest dessert wines for an elegant finish. If you provide high-end service for your guests and our looking for a way to make their evening even more special, remember that you can always contact MINT for your sommeliers in Liverpool.

Catering Managers In Liverpool

A ship without a rudder will never reach port, and that’s never been more true than with the hospitality industry. You can have the best talent in the world, but without a good manager to use it effectively more often than not, service can suffer.

At MINT, we have been providing catering managers in Liverpool for over 13 years, either as emergency cover or as a longer-term contract. We believe a good manager can encourage and get the best out of a team while also helping to maintain an upbeat atmosphere that makes the work environment more fun for everyone.

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  • I used Mint People for bar staff.  They turned up on time, knew exactly what to do and got on with the job.  I would definitely use them again.

    Georgia Lord

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