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Commercial Cleaning Staff Manchester

Cleaning StaffMINT – Providing Staff For Commercial Cleaning In Manchester

Commercial property is everywhere in the UK, from shops, to showrooms to office blocks and more. Many of these properties – especially if they open to the public – can be especially difficult to keep clean from day-to-day, and that’s why many companies based in commercial premises decide to outsource their cleaning department to staffing agencies such as MINT, helping them save money and focus on the more important aspects of their business.

We’ve been providing commercial cleaning in Manchester to our clients for over 13 years, building trusted professional relationships that have garnered us a glowing selection of testimonials. We feel that a great part of our success is how flexible we are in regard to staff deployment.

We are aware that for many premises, required staffing levels can change throughout the year. By using an agency such as MINT, we can simply increase or decrease the amount of staff allocated to your busines depending on business activity levels, saving the company money and reducing their need to focus on hiring, training, administration or payroll for their cleaning departments.

MINT – We Also Supplement Established Commercial Cleaning Companies in Manchester

We have some of the best cleaning staff in the country thanks to our generous wage rates and flexibly approach to working – however, we still vet all applicants before we add them to books. This is because we need to make sure that their skill level will surpass our client’s expectations, and ensure that they are a friendly, professional individual who can work either as part of a designated team, or as part of a client’s existing workforce with ease.

All of the staff on our books have also gone through our 5-star in-house training program to make sure that we are happy for them to represent us with a client, with cleaning staff also attending training for the use of hazardous chemicals and general health and safety.

We are happy to provide commercial cleaning in Manchester for any business who requires it, so if you’d prefer to offload the responsibility of your cleaning department to an agency you can trust, why not contact MINT?


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  • We are pleased with the commercial cleaning team at Mint People. The cleaners were efficient in cleaning our facilities thoroughly to ensure pupils and staff are safe. I would highly recommend them.

    Daniel Ross

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