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Bar, Catering & Waiting Staff Manchester

In Need Of Reliable, Professional Catering Staff In Manchester?

In the world of catering, quality of service is everything. No matter the establishment – be it a restaurant, hotel, or event – a business that revolves around catering and hospitality and live or die based on its ability to retain customers.

At MINT, we understand this, and that’s why we work tirelessly to provide our clients with outstanding, vetted workers would we’re proud to have represent us.

Bar Staffing In Manchester

Any social gathering at a hospitality establishment is likely to start with a couple of introductory drinks, and so it is more than likely that your bar staff will be their first point of contact upon arrival. This is, therefore the perfect opportunity to make a great impression.

When we supply bar staffing in Manchester, we make sure that our workers are not only welcoming and friendly, but extremely knowledgeable in preparation of drinks – including the rarer requests. While many establishments hire their own bar staff, the money and hours lost to training can put a strain on active service. With MINT, however, our bar staff will arrive, fully-trained and ready to work.

Catering Waiting Staff In Manchester

A truly great waiter is an individual who is capable of turning a guest’s evening into a memorable experience that they will remember far into the future. The ability to build a rapport, be aware of their guests’ need, while also retaining important knowledge such as the full details of each item on the menu all contribute to an enjoyable atmosphere for those dining.

For over 13 years, our catering waiting staff in Manchester have provided outstanding service for clients across the area, helping us gain many long-term clients.

Catering Chef Staffing In Manchester

If you’ve ever worked in a professional kitchen, you’re more than likely aware of the high-pressure environment that comes along with it. During a hectic service period, tempers can often be flared and voices raised. With MINT however, our chefs are hired specifically for their ability to work well under pressure, while also supporting front and back of house staff in a friendly manner.

We can supply single chefs in a variety of positions from commis to executive to complement your existing workforce, or we can supply an entire chef team including kitchen porters to come in and take care of everything. Regardless of the style of event, our chefs are some of the best in the UK.

Sommeliers For Hire In Manchester

In upmarket establishments, many guests will expect to be recommended a wine to accompany their meal. While most people understand the basics rules of red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat, a sommelier for hire in Manchester will be able to explain the intricacies of the each wine including it’s grape variety and why it’s such a perfect choice for a guest’s meal of choice.

Training to become a sommelier is a long and arduous process, and therefore quite a rarity in today’s world of hospitality – so why not make your guests feel extra special?

Catering Managers In Manchester

If you are lucky enough to have a great team of waiters, chefs and bar people, during service they can only be as effective as those running the show. Our catering managers in Manchester have a vast amount of experience and will use this knowledge to make sure that your service remains impeccable and that all on-shift staff know their responsibilities.

So, whether you just need someone to oversee a shift due to absenteeism, or require a whole catering team with an experienced catering manager at the helm, we’ve got it covered.

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  • I used Mint People for bar staff.  They turned up on time, knew exactly what to do and got on with the job.  I would definitely use them again.

    Georgia Lord

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