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Cleaning Staff

School cleaning staffMINT, a staffing agency that can provide you with friendly, skilled, and hard-working cleaning staff

Here at MINT, we have an incredible team of cleaners, housekeepers & toilet attendants that service all areas of the hospitality and catering industry.

Whether you are looking for Spa Cleaners, Public Area Cleaners, Hotel Housekeepers or anything cleaning related, we can assist. We have held full facilities management agreements and can service large contracts, or small cleaning projects.

Our agency cleaning staff have all been trained in the use of chemicals that could potentially be hazardous to health and have completed our in-house 5-star training program to ensure that health and safety precautions are always followed.

Looking for the best cleaning services for your hospitality or commercial premises? Look no further

MINT can provide hard working teams for deep cleans in professional kitchens , warehouses, offices and schools for regular weekly cleaning. Our staff are happy to work as an independent team, or as a supplement to your existing workforce during especially busy periods in your business.

By partnering with MINT, you will be able to relax knowing that your venue’s cleanliness is being taken care of by experts who care.

To discuss your cleaning requirements, please give us a call 0161 241 9495 or info@mint-staff.co.uk


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  • I have used Mint People for my cleaning for years. They always turn up on time, are courteous and get the job down with very little fuss.

    Georgina Francis

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